All vendors and organizations agree to follow the terms and conditions of Shades of Pride. Failure to follow may result in removal of vendor privileges and ejection from the expo.

  1. Acceptance of applications will be considered based on receipt at Shades of Pride’s mailing address. The Expo is a community event. Diversity of vendor items/information is encouraged.
  2. Noise, smoke, visual displays shall not interfere with neighboring vendors or with the enjoyment of the public at the Expo. Aisles, walkways, or emergency exists may not be blocked. Please be sure to reserve enough space for your business. Anyone that is obstructing the flow or other vendors will be asked to remove the items that are in violation.
  3. All business or other activity for which the vendor has rented space must be conducted in your designated area only. No distribution or solicitation of any kind may be done by strolling through the Expo, without prior written permission.
  4. If goods are for sale vendors must post prices in a legible manner and in a visible place.
  5. Vendors are responsible for any damages caused to other vendors, the property or to the event.
  6. Applicant understands the purpose of the Shades of Pride Community Expo is to celebrate the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and allied community and agrees to do nothing to defeat the purpose during the Expo.
  7. Vendor applicants understands that Shades of Pride has no control over the weather, acts of God, acts of terrorism, governmental intervention, or any other cause that may prevent and/or interrupt the celebration; as such, all participants shall hold Shades of Pride harmless of any losses that could arise because of such events.
  8. The applicant agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless, Shades of Pride, The LGBTQ Center of Durham, the City of Durham, NC, or any other corporation or entity should the event location change, from any claim, demand, suit, loss, cost of expense, or any damage which may be asserted, claimed, or recovered against or from the said parties by reason of any damages to property, personal injury, or bodily injury, including death, sustained by any person whomsoever and which damage, injury or death arises out of any incident in any way connected with the expo.