Crowdsourcing the Afterlife- 10 a.m. Presenter-Daniel Portee- Nationwide Insurance Agent

Recent tragedies have shown that many people, especially those in the LGBTQ communities are ill-prepared to deal with having to take care of funeral arrangements for loved ones taken without warning.

While many who have dealt with the loss of a family member or friend expected to experience grieving and sadness, many do not expect to also have to deal with the high costs associated with honoring the memories of a loved one. The costs of a funeral and its associated accommodations can cost thousands of dollars and can place unnecessary stress and financial strain on those who are coping with their loss.

This workshop allows attendees to have an open discussions of the benefits planning ahead to avoid having to turn to other means to provide for burial.

AMP STUDY-10 a.m. UNC Global HIV Prevention representatives - 10 a.m.

Members of the UNC Global HIV prevention staff will discuss an ongoing research study known as AMP. AMP stands for Antibody Mediated Prevention. This is the idea of giving people antibodies to see if they will protect people from getting infected with HIV. The AMP study is a new idea for HIV prevention that is related to what has been done in HIV vaccine research. In traditional HIV vaccine studies, people get a vaccine and researchers wait to see if their bodies will make antibodies against HIV in response. In this study, we will skip that step, and give people the antibodies directly. We will do this with an intravenous infusion, commonly known as an “IV” or “getting a drip”. This is the first study testing whether antibodies can prevent HIV infections in people. The purpose of the workshop is to answer questions about the study and to get qualified individuals to participate.

Workshop Highlights: When Gay Doesn’t Always Mean Happy- 11 a.m. Presenter Shameca D. Ricks MSW, LCSW is the Owner of Well-Life Counseling & Spiritual Center PLLC

This workshop seeks to address mental health challenges within the LGBT community. Mental health challenges are under reported and treatment is rarely sought. The impact of untreated mental health challenges can have devastating effects, from love and relationships to deficits in physical health. This presentation will empower our community to take action and implement healthy lifestyle changes to improve our overall quality of life.

Southerners on New Ground (SONG): Recipes for Resilience- 11 a.m. Presenter: Serena Sebring-Campaign Organizer-SONG

Description: SONG’s work across the South is building a ‘kinship’ network to fight and defeat fear and violence in our towns, cities, region and country. We have used this kinship to find bravery within ourselves to live our lives out of the closet and out of the shadows, and to become leaders in the movements that fight for our lives. In North Carolina, this HB2 “bathroom bill” moment, as well as the grief of our community in the wake of the Pulse massacre, and the latest wave of police violence, call for us to expand and deepen our work to lift up the bodily autonomy and survival of black LGBTQ people in the South. We want to hold space together, examine the political conditions and terrain that we are living in, grow our collective resiliency, build connections to each other, and share strategies for community safety and self-defense

Deeply Rooted: A Look Back to the Basics of Advocacy to Inform Our Future- Presented by Khafre K. Abif- Community Organizer- SOUTHERN AIDS COALITION- noon

This workshop will focus on the importance of Black Gay and Bisexual Men growing an understanding of the history of advocacy, which includes our presence in this history of and the importance of us developing a policy agenda self-determined by us in the Southern United States. This workshop will look back at the 1980’s Advocacy to provide a history, key accomplishments, how the movement gained attention, knowledge and solutions (how to shape the discussion to get answers), community highlighting the presence of Black Gay and Bisexual Men (working together for the same cause), accountability (implementing an ‘inside and outside’ strategy, Leadership an army of advocates. In addition, this workshop will seek to involved the participants, Black Gay and Bisexual Men in The South build upon the legacy of those who came before to create change in order to Save Ourselves.

Gay and Greek Workshop-1 p.m. Presenter-Kenneth Freeman, national community service director Kappa Psi Kappa Fraternity, Inc.

The LGBT Greek-Lettered Organization movement started over 30 years ago. Today there are many organizations with expressed missions of being open and affirming to the LGBT community and creating a safe space of positive impact. This workshop will consist of a panel of members from different organizations discussing what it means to be an LGBT Greek.

“So You Want to Write a Book?: Professionalism, Publishing, and the Pitfalls of Going it Alone”- 1 p.m. Presenter-S. (Stephanie) Andrea Allen, Ph.D., is a native southerner and out Black lesbian writer, scholar, and educator. In 2014, she founded BLF Press, and recently co-founded the Black Lesbian Literary Collective

In this workshop, indie publisher, scholar, writer, and educator, Dr. Stephanie A. Allen will discuss the three primary models of publishing (traditional, independent, and self-publishing) and what each offers aspiring authors. She will then turn her focus to how new authors can avoid the stigma of self-publishing through professionalism, research, and hard work. The workshop will be interactive, so feel free to bring questions, ideas, and your best writing sel

How to Prevent and Manage Diabetes: A Few Simple Steps and Common Sense- 2 p.m.-Presenter- JOYCE C. PAGE, MSPH, MPH | Public Health Education Specialist – Durham Diabetes Coalition “Prevent and Control Diabetes by Moving, Eating Healthy, Relaxing and Doing Good Things”

Want to prevent or manage diabetes? This session teaches 7.5 easy and healthy behaviors that can do just that. Find out if you are at risk for diabetes and if so, how to change your status.

Leave relaxed after an imaginary trip to a calm, peaceful and quiet place

PreP for Protection- 3 p.m. Presenter Miguel Hunter-Director of Programs, Triangle Empowerment Group

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) – an HIV prevention strategy that currently involves taking HIV medication to significantly reduce the chances of contracting HIV. Specifically, HRC is endorsing the use of Truvada®, the only brand name HIV drug combination currently approved for PrEP.

When taken as prescribed by a knowledgeable healthcare provider, PrEP has been shown to reduce the likelihood of contracting HIV by upwards of 90 percent. It is important to note that HRC’s recommendation applies especially to communities who are particularly susceptible to contracting HIV. PrEP is not right for all individuals, and any medical decision about PrEP should be made in concert with a knowledgeable healthcare provider.

It is also important to understand that PrEP does not provide protection against other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or unwanted pregnancy. With STIs such as syphilis on the rise, it’s essential for sexually active individuals to protect themselves and their loved ones by engaging in safer sex practices and getting tested regularly.